Hire The Best Fit, High Retention & Low Turnovers!


Every business wants to find the right employees: the people who will fit in, become top performers, and contribute to the company’s success. The cost of a bad hire can range from 1 to 5 times the annual salary of that person, the use of multi measurement pre-employment assessments is designed to prevent these poor hires and increase productivity.

What happens when you hire a logical person for a graphic designer position?

As per the study conducted by global human resource consultancy CareerBuilder, 88 per cent companies in Russia said they were affected by bad hiring last year, followed by 87 per cent in Brazil and China and 84 per cent in India.

The cost of a bad hiring decision could be,

  • Loss of productivity
  • Low retention rates
  • Loss of finance
  • Damage to business


It is essential to understand the importance of multi-measure testing in hiring. By relying on a combination of interviews, personality tests, and reference checks alone, many businesses are engaging in ineffective staffing selection practices. In order to make better choices and gain an advantage over their competition, companies must integrate multi-measure testing into their hiring process improving their on the job success predictions up to 90%. The Jobity specializes in addressing the accuracy of all behavioral assessment measures and only promotes the use of multi measure pre-employment assessments. With proven success measurements and personalized support HR professionals can easily confirm the success of our assessment testing program.

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