Interview Fear?

I don’t have confidence to face an interview. How can I gain confidence and improve my interview skills?

Its good that you have identified one of your weak points. Also find out why you lack confidence. Is it related to communication skills, fake or lack of experience, failure in an earlier interview, representing someone else's CV, your own low self esteem or is it some imaginary fear etc. Once you have identified that, work on the different solutions.

"It's not about confidence, its about your fear of failure if you appear in an interview".

Fear, but Why?

"FEAR comes from uncertainty, we can ELIMINATE the fear by knowing things BETTER which we are dealing with"

  • Fear of drowning in water, when we are uncertain about our swminng skills,
  • Fear of road accident, when we are uncertain about our driving skills,
  • Fear of job interviews, when we are uncertain about our skills or faking with our own CV.

Job interview fear is could be due to lack of career advice & expert guidance, lack of learning plan & preparation and lack of interview practice & real-time awareness of the job duties etc.

Fear no more, we are here to help!

We at TalentSpool can understand all the situations you are passing through as a job aspirant and brought solutions to boost your confidence and make you settle with a career that suits you best.

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