What is JOBiTY?

Jobity - Jobs by Personality, is a Talent Supply Chain Platform
where we assess talents, interests, passions, and abilities of career seekers
and map them to jobs that suit their personalities and guide them through the acquisition of required skills.
Finally, we present their customised, enriched and upgraded profiles to the right employers and ensure employee happiness.
This in turn, translates into higher job satisfaction for employees and higher productivity for employers.

Job Readiness, Placement and Retention Program

Career Assessment

The career assessment will provide you with invaluable insight into who you are and which careers suites you best.

Career Mentoring

When it comes to your career management, having a professional career mentor at your side is a key element to your support system.

Real-time Awareness

This program include lectures, discussions and role-playing exercises under guidance of real-time experts.

Mock Interviews

The Mock Interview Program is a chance for aspirants to prepare and practice interviewing for upcoming real-time job opportunities.

On-the-job Training

Fake experience can kill your confidence in job interviews. We can help you to gain much needed on-the-job skills and real-time experience.

Employment Opportunities

We get employment opportunities to job seekers who got through the volunteer experience with enough employable skills.


On-the-job Training Is Best Approach To Kickstart Your Career!

The right career will help you find meaning in the job you are doing.
This will help you enjoy your work and your life as well.

  • It was in 2007 where am looking for right helping hand to advise and guide about my career.Got all the needed valuable support and guidance from Mr.Jagan @VIXOS on SAP Basis. Conveying just 'Thanks' for Jagan@Vixos is not just enough for the much needed break I got through for my career. But, still, Thanks Jagan & Vixos for all the valualbe help and guidance.

    Lakshman Kumar Degala

  • thought I would never be able to find a good job. Anyhow I took a look at the jobs posted by. I was looking for a job after matriculation due to some personal and domestic issues. I found a job but they did not pay me well. I thought I would never be able to find a good job. Anyhow I took a look.



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