Fake Experience Kills Career, On Job Training Is The Best!


How safe is getting into an IT MNC using a fake experience job certificate?

It is an open secret in the IT sector that about 15 to 25% of candidates come in and work using fake experience certificates. Some, it is known, even produce fake degree certificates to secure jobs.

A few months back, Mahindra Satyam reportedly lodged a complaint with the Madhapur police against 15 of its (now former) employees who had duped them by submitting fake experience certificates. Police booked cheating and forgery cases against the culprits under sections 420, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Please do keep in mind that any illegal act is likely to be found out, sooner or later, and then the person committing should be ready to face the music. Such practices may lead you to worst surprises instead of a happy career dreamt for 16 or more years of education.

So, what would be the solution?

  • Try to get associate certification of the respective technology course on which you have trained. There are many companies prefer candidates even freshers with genuine IT certifications.
  • Learn technology courses as of you are doing your masters. In case if your job options are not in vicinity, you can work with any training institute as a teaching faculty or hands-on lab assistant.
  • Prefer to kick start your career with startups as an On-the-job Trainee. So that you can learn new things like organizational structure, how they deal with tasks or projects, workplace culture, build your own network relations, etc. You may get permanent position with the same organization if you perform well as a volunteer.

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