Volunteer Work


Getting valuable work experience in IT industry through volunteering

Whether you’re straight out of college or starting a new career path, that first job can be scary. Being new to the IT field, there are certain circumstances where it makes sense to volunteer to gain some much-needed IT experience. For those who lack on-the-job experience, volunteering provides one way to establish a foothold in the workforce, or to transition from one area of technical specialization to another. Based on your performance employers may offer you with permanent position.

What are some of the benefits of undertaking unpaid volunteer work experience?
  • Improve your understanding of the workplace environment and what employers expect.
  • Explore jobs or industries that interest you to inform future career and study choices.
  • Develop your skills, both technical and employability skills (such as teamwork and punctuality).
  • Can be very useful as examples of your work in future job applications.
  • Gain referees who you can ask to provide references for future job or study applications.
  • Gain a network of contacts for future study and career advice.
  • Make your CV attractive & impressive and enhance opportunities to get permanent position.


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